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Hotel Vieni was founded in 1924 in Orestiada by Ioannis Ioannidis, father of Nickolaos Ioannidis , under the name “Giannis” with 18 beds and an open-air cinema . He also founded a cinema in Dasiou Square. Hotel “Giannis” was later extended to 20 rooms and 35 beds. Later on , Nickolaos Ioannidis takes over and renames the hotel “Vienni”.( The reason for choosing this name was financial, since only two letters had to be changed in the illuminated sign). In the following years the hotel was extended continuously in order to meet the increasing demand of its services. It was ,for a long period of time, the only hotel in the area. The extensions/ renovations were the following:

1973 – 41 rooms with 72 beds
1975 – 51 rooms with 89 beds
1978 – 57 rooms with 102 beds
1984 – 61 rooms with 110 beds
1988 – 79 rooms with 146 beds
2005 – 74 rooms with 143 beds
2006 – Last restoration

Until 1986, the business was individual, run by Nickolaos Ioannidis. In 1986 it became a societe anonyme (S.A) having him and his wife, Eleni Ioannidou as shareholders. Later on, after Nickolaos Ioannidis passed away the S.A under the name of “Nickolaos Ioannidis- Hotel Vienni-Tourist Businesses S.A”, was passed on to its remaining shareholders, Eleni Ioannidou and their daughter ,Nickole Ioannidou.
Since 2001, the hotel  has been running under the direction of Nickole Ioannidou.

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