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In the place blessed by Metropolite Polykarpos, envisioned by Political Commander Spyros Dassiou, and mapped out by engineer Georgios Magglis, in 1923, Nea Orestiada was founded and Hotel “VIENNI” along with it.

It was , actually, transferred after the Treaty of Lozanne, from Old Orestiada- Karagatz of Edirne- where it prospered in the early 20th century, bringing with it History and Tradition in the field of Hospitality .

Since that time, after continuous extensions and renovations, Hotel “VIENNI” remains an everlasting value in time and the area of Northern Evros and constitutes a part and parcel of the history of Nea Orestiada.

Our long experience, consistency, sense of responsibility, discretion and our safe and friendly atmosphere provide our visitors, who come to our town for business or for pleasure, with a delightful low-budget stay.

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